Vendor Compliance

We understand that finding a reliable vendor can be a daunting task. That's why PSI of Colorado does some of the leg work for you. We make sure that we are vendor compliant so you can sit back and relax, knowing that we'll meet your company's requirements.

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"We have a budget, but don't feel like we are getting what we are paying for!"

We hear this one the most.  Usually very true.   The solution, let us do an audit of actual patrols on your property and the visibility of command presence to your residents or tenants. Often what we find is that most Property Managers or Decision Makers are not getting what they are paying for.  Let us design a plan that delivers precisely what you want! 

"We have a very small budget, but we still want security. No Problem! "

For as little at $399.00 month or $13.12 day, we can offer a solution, including state of the art technology with our newest crime deterrent technology. 

"We have No Budget"

That's OK! 
This helps you! Get multiple quotes for services and really compare  what others can offer and which services best fits your needs. All though we would like for PSI to be you first pick, we understand we aren't for everyone.

"We are in a contract?"

We here this quite often; but let me tell you about a little secrete. You're probably NOT in a contract. Crazy right! Although contracts are out there, and we offer them too, the majority of properties aren't actually in a contract. Companies use that term to make you feel like you don't have any power to change. Let PSI take a look and see if we can add move value for your money!

Whats your Budget? 

PSI can tailor a plan to 95% of our customer who already have a set a budget!

Budget, Budget Budget, we understand!  We operate on one too.  Sometimes it can be tricky; however, most of the time, we can make it work.  Check out a few examples of customers we have helped on a budget.