Who we are

Patrol Services International was started by a retired police officer to bring the same level of professionalism of officers found in the public sector into the private sector. We are changing the way people view security. As time goes on, police departments' resources have been stretched thinner and thinner, and their ability to conduct proactive actions to prevent crime has become ever more diminished — this gap between what the community needs and what the police can provide grows larger every year. We fill the gap and strive to work alongside local law enforcement agencies to make our communities safer.


Our marked patrol vehicles are fully equipped with scanners, radios, spotlights, alley lights, tablets, GPS tracking hardware that will verify that every patrol was completed. This hardware is installed into our vehicles and shows the exact location and speed of our patrol cars every 30 seconds. We have a specially designed patrol monitoring and reporting app, the Security Manager, which automatically forwards all patrol times and notes plus any incident reports with supporting documents directly to our clients in real-time via email.

 Our Personnel

PSI strives to meet the highest hiring standards in our industry, primarily employing officers with prior police or military experience. Qualified officers demonstrate the strength of character, reliability, sound judgment, and the ability to deal with a variety of situations. All officers undergo extensive background checks and must obtain State certification. Officers have on-going training to include: de-escalation tactics, conflict management, job safety, customer service, policies and law, mental health issues, restraints, defensive driving, crime prevention, and report writing.